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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The SLEDevents Calendar

The 'SLEDevents in SL' calendar (above) anticipates events in Second Life of interest to educators. The time zone of the calendar is US Pacific/ Second Life time. Second Life events are shown in blue, and planned outages in red (courtesy of Linden Lab's Second Life Planned Outages Calendar). 'Recently Added SLED events' (in green to the right) shows the most recent additions to the calendar - use the xml feed below to subscribe to this feed. For further information, please email
*Missed an event? If the event has been recorded and archived, look in the Discussion field below the event description for a link to the archive. *Further useful SLEDevents calendar addresses are given below. Copy and paste links as required:
xml feed: html:

SLEDevents mini: The 'SLEDevents in SL mini' calendar is a small Agenda view of the calendar, made to fit the Web tab on the Profile of your SL avatar. In SL, open your avatar's profile, select the Web tab, and paste this URL into the address field:

SLEDevents maxi: This version is a large Agenda view of the SLEDevents in SL calendar, formatted for displaying in Second Life on a media player or a prim. Point your media URL to